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Credits: Andrea Siciliano

Who we are

Our dairy was born in 2020,

a year that everyone will remember, a difficult year, full of sacrifices and moments of crisis. unexpected opportunities for rebirth and improvement.

“On paper ” we are young, but in reality our soul has a historical root known throughout the quality dairy sector: Vallenostra and its work of recovering Montébore cheese.


At the end of the nineties Roberto Grattone and Agata

Marchesotti founded the Vallenostra Agricultural Cooperative with the aim of saving 'knowledge and flavors ' of their valley, the Val Borbera. Among these flavors there was also the Mont ébore, cheese whose production had stopped after the Second World War, when the valleys became depopulated and peasant traditions risked being abandoned.

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After various researches and the help of the Slow Food Gavi Convivium, in 1997 they managed to recover the original recipe from an elderly lady, Carolina Bracco, who handed down not only a recipe, but a story and a manual skill that were disappearing.


So, attempt after attempt, they began to ​produce it, literally saving it from extinction.


In 1999 they presented themselves at the Cheese di Bra, Slow Food's biennial event on the world of cheese, with only 7 wheels of Montébore and all the dairy world spoke of the “miracle of the resurrected cheese ”, which has since become a Slow Food Presidium.


Over time, thanks to their commitment and the support of the local Slow Food Gavi and Ovada and Condotta del Tortonese), Montébore has once again become one of the most sought-after products of these areas and the interest in it has grown hand in hand with the rediscovery of the territory in where it belongs and where we are: the wonderful Tortonesi Hills.

In 2020, Vallenostra understood the difficulty of carrying out production on its own and decided to make available and share its know-how, gained during years of dairy experience, with a partner capable of ferrying it towards the future.

It was not necessary to go far

Roberto's cousins, Andrea and Stefano Grattone and Emanuela and Matteo, Stefano's wife and son respectively, have immediately believed in the project, and despite the difficulties of such a particular year, the Grattone family found themselves to carry forward, together, the common goal of improving and implementing production.


We have therefore united the forces to respond to a need for the territory to become even more cohesive in the project for the enhancement and promotion of a historical, gastronomic and cultural identity made up of quality products and 019 union of the people who produce them: this is how our